Is It Ever Too Late To Apologize?

Want to know, "Is it ever too late to apologize?" We have all been there, finding it hard to apologize, but the number one thing to remember is that it is never too late to apologize. More than once in our lifetimes, we will falter or do something wrong, and most of the time, this will require an apology. There are several ways to make an apology accepting, but there are also ways to screw it up; luckily here are some tips for making the apology run smoothly. 

  1. Before apologizing, realize what really happened. In order to apologize, it is imperative to know exactly what one is apologizing for. A simple, "sorry" without knowing what happened is not sincere, and not easily forgivable.
  2. Only apologize for what you have control of. In order to apologize sincerely, before it is too late, it is important to remember that we cannot apologize for things that are out of our control. If someone does something wrong, and it is completely within their control, then it is within their duty to apologize for it, otherwise, we cannot apologize for what we cannot control.
  3. Apologize when sincerity is really there. We can all apologize right after an incident, but if a sorry is to be taken seriously, the person making the apology has to  truly mean the apology, and understand, but more importantly, sincerely want the other person to understand that what they did was worth apologizing for.
  4. Make an understanding with the person receiving the apology. After a sincere apology, it is important to make sure that the person hurt understands that what was done is completely understood, regretted, and the apology is supposed to make everything better. In other words, when two people are on the same page about something, it is easier for them to communicate and see each other eye to eye. By doing this, it makes the apology that much more heartfelt and meaningful.
  5. Make a plan for the future. It is easy after an apology to just stop and think, whew, dodged a bullet there! But, it is important to understand that if the apology is sincere and meaningful, that means that the person making the apology must be able to make a plan for the future to not hurt that person again by doing something similar. We learn from our mistakes, this is just another example.

By following these simple steps for apologizing, one will eventually come to understand that it is never too late to apologize if done sincerely and heartfelt. We as humans thrive on communication, and by doing so, we have to learn from mistakes we make and learn ways to fix them. This is merely a stepping stone into a positive form of communication, by one little word, sorry.


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