Is It Possible To Have Purple Eyes

Is it possible to have purple eyes? Yes. People do have purple eyes but this condition is very rare and uncommon. Keep in mind that no one is born with purple eyes and it occurs after birth. When we are born, our eye colors are amber, black, blue, brown, grey, green, and hazel. There is no purple eye color when we are born. However, purple eyes can occur due to a few reasons. It can happen by genetics, it can happen by injury, and it can happen because of a disorder or disease.

It is possible to have purple eyes, and it can be caused by genetics. Genetics is the field of biology that studies hereditary, the passing of genes from parents to children. Most genes are passed on from parents to children and this does determine eye color to some degree. The amount and type of pigment you inherit from your parents will definitely influence your eye color, pigments in the iris determines eye color. Purple eyes will most likely occur during the early childhood years because the melanocyte cells are still growing and they produce pigment.

It is possible to have purple eyes if you have had an injury to your eye. If you have blue eyes and have had an eye injury, purple eyes may appear due to the red blood vessels within the eyes. For example, red plus blue will equal purple. This change in eye color can occur if there is trauma to one or both eyes. Our bodies are constantly changing due to our hormonal and chemical make-up and sometimes an injury to the eye can change the color of the eyes. Remember, eye color can change without injury, disease or disorder.

It is possible to have purple eyes because an individual may have a disease or a disorder. Purple or violet eye color is a variation of blue eye color. Scientists and researchers have stated that the change of color in eyes is also caused by a condition called Albinism. Albinism is a disorder in which there may be a small amount or no pigment melanin in the iris. In most cases, the eyes are red, purple, or light blue. Heterochromatin is a disease in which one eye may change color. The human eye is a very complex organ and it is very possible to have purple eyes.

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