Itching Skin All Over Treatment

For itching skin all over treatment, a number of different things can be done to make people suffering from this to feel better. There are a number of different things that can happen which may cause this symptom of itchy skin all over the body. What should first be done before trying to treat this feeling of itchiness all over the body is to determine why this is happening? Is it an allergic reaction to something that was eaten or does it have to do with poison ivy or other adverse reactions to something you came in contact with? Once this is determined, follow these steps to help relieve itching skin all over the body.

For itching skin all over treatment, you will need:

  • A bathtub
  • Oatmeal Bath
  • Itch Creams
  1. Run a warm bath. Fill a bathtub with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it will only make the itching worse. Once this has been filled, add the necessary ingredients to make an oatmeal bath and prepare it so that you can get into the bath to sit in it.
  2. Submerge yourself in the bath. Make sure you sit in the bath for at least ten minutes, or at least until the heat from the tub goes away. The itching should stop while you are submerged in the warm oatmeal bath, treating your itching skin all over.
  3. Dry off with a clean towel. These towels should have just been washed, so that they cannot contribute to the itching of the skin. Dry your skin off entirely, removing all the water and oatmeal residue.
  4. Apply cream to the itchiest areas. The cream you apply should be some sort of anti-itch cream with cortizone or some type of other anti-itch medication. If this doesn't help alleviate the itching skin all over then you may want to consult a doctor who may prescribe you stronger creams or medication or diagnose another problem.
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