Jabra Bluetooth Instructions

This article will give you a quick primer o Jabra bluetooth device. With so many states implementing hands-free cell phone usage while in a car, purchasing and using a Jabra is your best bet if you don't want a bluetooth hanging on your ear. Not only is a Jabra hanging from your car visor much more comfortable than a traditional ear bluetooth, but you'll get a clearer sound both coming in and going out than you would on a traditional bluetooth.

  1. The first Jabra bluetooth instruction you need to know is how to pair your Jabra with your cell phone (which must have bluetooth capability). If you're pairing the Jabra for the very first time ever, it will automatically find and pair to your cell phone. To do this, activate your cell phone's bluetooth BEFORE turning on the Jabra. After activating your cell phone's bluetooth, turn on the Jabra. It will automatically find and pair with your cell phone device. You will hear the Jabra say "Connected" which means that you can use the Jabra to send and receive cell phones or even to play music from your cell phone if you choose.
  2. Your Jabra can be paired with more than one cell phone. If you're going to pair the Jabra with a second cell phone, make sure the cell phone's bluetooth network is activated. Turn on the Jabra and hold down the "Call" button (the big button in the front). 
  3. After about five seconds, you should hear "Connected" as the Jabra connects to your second device. If you look on your cell phone's menu, you will see the Jabra as the device paired.
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