Jack Kerouac: Style

If you are a fan of Jack Kerouac's  and want to see what it feels like to be in his shoes, you will want to learn a little more about Jack Kerouac: Style. Besides his writing, Kerouac has become noted for his personal dressing style, which defined the "Beat" generation of America. To dress like Jack Kerouac you will want to keep a few things in mind. The strength here is in the simple key pieces that are the base of any good outfit. Stock your closet with some of these select pieces and you will be well on your way to getting the style of legendary poet Jack Kerouac all for yourself. Weather at home or on the road Kerouac’s style is classic, tied together and easy to emulate.

To get Jack Kerouac’s style you will need:

  • polo shirts
  • flannel shirts
  • oxford shirts
  • a blazer
  • khaki slacks
  • black slacks
  • loafers
  • bomber jacket
  1. Gathering the pieces. There are not too many different styles of pieces you will have to assemble to have the core of the look you are trying to achieve. The key to collecting these pieces is taking care to select pieces that are period appropriate, have a worn in look, and are comfortable. The pants will be cotton or twill woven slacks, stock up on black, khaki and navy. For shoes, go for two pairs of comfortable loafers, one in black and one in brown. In selecting shirts is when you really want to make sure you get that worn in look that is both comfortable and casual yet buttoned up and classic. For true Jack Kerouac style don’t skimp on the flannel shirts and to round it out pick up some oxford shirts and polo shirts as well in muted blues, cream, white, gray and black.
  2. Putting it together. As your new threads are in the same color scheme it’ll be easy for you to mix and match pieces to create looks that are well within the Jack Kerouac style that are appropriate for any occasion. For a casual day time look choose khakis and your flannel shirts, or khakis and a polo shirt paired with a white undershirt. Complete the look with some loafers and a belt. For a more pulled together look, select black slacks with an oxford shirt and a blazer or a polo shirt and a blazer, again finish this off with your loafers and a belt. For a dressy occasion, add a classic style tie in a solid color, no prints!
  3. Finishing the look. Typical of Jack Kerouac’s style there are only a few things that will round out your look. Pick up a few belts to tie together the classic look, select simple leather belts in browns and black. As for the haircut, find a picture online and take it to your stylist. You’ll want to go for a classic side parted cut that works well tousled for an every day look and for a more pulled together version of the style needs only some gel and a comb. 

Remember, the style of Jack Kerouac was easy going and functional so choose classic pieces in solid muted colors that you like and will feel good and comfortable in, and then put those pieces together in a way that makes sense to you for your life. It’s a simple, classic look so nothing flashy!  Foundation here is the key. If you select pieces that are casual, comfortable, simple and classic you can’t go wrong!

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