Jack3D Side Effects

Looking for information on Jack3D side effects? Jack3D is an energy and focus drink that you take before you work out. You simply mix the powder up with a glass of water approximately 30 to 45 minutes before you are ready to workout. Some of the reported benefits of Jack3D include increased endurance and muscle-engoring pumps. There are several active ingredients in Jack3D, some of which have side effects associated with them.

  1. Gastrointestinal issues. AAKG stands for arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. According to the USPLabs, the manufacturer of Jack3D, there are very few side effects associated with AAKG, even when you take more on top of what is included in Jack3D. However, you may experience gastrointestinal issues if you are diabetic.
  2. Tingling Sensation. One of the most common Jack3D side effects is a tingling sensation, which is caused by the beta alanine. After taking Jack3D, you may notice that your skin feels pin-prickly. While beta alanine may annoy you, it is not known to harm you in any way.
  3. Increased urination, nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, muscle twitching, and flushing of the face. These side effects are caused by consuming too much caffeine on a daily basis. Most people can handle approximately 400mg of caffeine on a daily basis, so if you are drinking two to three scoops of Jack3D, you won't want to consume any more caffeine throughout the day.
  4. Lightheadedness, headaches, and a bad mood. As long as you don't take any additional  1,3 Dimethylamylanine, also known as  geranamine, you should be fine. If too much is consumed, however, you may experience the aforementioned side effects.
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