Jamaica Facts

Jamaica facts are essential to understanding and learning about Jamaica. Jamaica is one of the world's most beautiful islands and these Jamaica facts show that Jamaica has a rich Caribbean atmosphere as well as a beautiful landscape. Here are a list of Jamaica facts:

  1. Size. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. Jamaica has a square mileage of 4,411 mile and is 146 miles long.
  2. Mountains. The country has a very diverse and unique landscape. Jamaica is a land of many mountains. Blue Mountain Peak, which is Jamaica's highest point, stands at 7,204 feet.
  3. Rivers and springs. Jamaica has an abundance of  ivers and mineral springs. Most of the rivers in Jamaica start from the mountains and flow down to the coast. There are roughly 120 rivers in Jamaica. In Jamaica, there are three mineral springs that are given to public use, which are are Bath in St. Thomas, Milk River in Clarendon and Rockfort in St. Andrew.
  4. Weather. Jamaica has a very warm tropical climate. The yearly average temperature in Jamaica is around 80 degrees. It is important to note however that in the mountainous regions the temperature may be notably cooler. Jamaica also has an average rainfall of 78 inches.
  5. Economy. The staples of the Jamaican economy are tourism, agriculture and mining. Jamaica's tourism industry services 1 million visitors a year. It is said that around 50 percet of Jamaica's economy relies on tourism. In the agricultural industry Jamaica's main exports are sugar, cocoa and coconuts.

As you can see, Jamaica is a very intriguing country with many interesting facts.



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