Jamey Johnson Songs

Jamey Johnson songs are some of the best in country music because they're real. Johnson doesn't just make pretty, twang-y stuff. Instead, he creates the best country music, the kind that goes straight to your heart. He sings them in a subtle way, like a storyteller that just sucks you into his colorful world.

  1. "The Dollar" This is a life-lesson song where a mom teaches her son about the value of money. With four quarters in his hand, he ask how much daddy time will that buy him. After all, that's what happens, in a way, at the dad's job.     
  2. "Rebelicious" You might say this Jamey Johnson song is about rednecks and the women who love them. Some girls go for sophisticated, metrosexual men. But not the gal in this tune; she likes her Southern men.          
  3. "In Color" This wonderful Jamey Johnson song contrasts talking about history and actually living it. It's one thing to see news clips in black and white. It's quite another thing to have been there and seen it in living color.    
  4. "That Lonesome Song" Everybody's life is a song. Some people's lives change songs all the time. In this case, Jamey Johnson sings about a man who's life is one long lonesome song.
  5. "High Cost of Living" This Jamey Johnson is a rare anti-drug song. It preaches against using drugs without getting preachy. These lines are particularly effective: "That Southern Baptist parking lot / Is where I'd go to smoke my pot." The contrast between the church building and this guy's drug habit is so picturesque.              
  6. "My Way to You" In this Jamey Johnson song, the singer/songwriter details the long way he went to get to a girl. It's not just directions to a club; it's the twists and turns his life has taken. 
  7. "The Guitar Song" This is Jamey Johnson song told from a guitar's perspective. What a unique take! It details the great shows the guitar was used at. Sadly, it's in a pawn shop now, away from the limelight.
  8. "Lonely At The Top" In this Jamey Johnson song, a country music star complains about his life at a bar. Little does he know, but the person he's complaining to has real life problems. It may be lonely at the top, this bar buddy comments, but it's a bitch at the bottom.                  
  9. "Heartache" This is another Jamey Johnson gives life to something that is not normally thought of as a living thing: heartache. In its lyrics, he details how heartaches have always been with us. They'll always be one of the hardest parts of life.              
  10. "Can't Cash My Checks" This Jamey Johnson song talks about a man who is doing everything he can to make it in a bad economy. He's growing pot, but it's all he knows how to do to get by. You sympathize with the poor guy, even though you may not agree with his method of making a living.
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