Japanese Clothing For Men

You may be surprised about the Japanese clothing for men that are available. Japanese fashion aren't unlike certain trends seen in the United States. Japanese pop culture in general seems to take some of the coolest elements of other versions of pop culture. They amplify it, add their own flare and create a brand new element of their own culture. Japanese clothing is really no different. Only the traditional, old school guys are walking around in traditional Japanese garb nowadays. Trendy Japanese clothing styles are some of the hottest and unique styles in 2010. Check out these hot Japanese clothing styles for men.

  1. The urban cowboy. Japanese clothing styles for men are incredibly original. Some of the styles that are born in Japanese culture just look freaking cool. Like the urban cowboy, for example. Picture a thin-framed Japanese man rocking some skinny jeans tucked into his cowboy-style kicks. He's sporting a clean navy blue button-up to finish off the ensemble and a matching watch and bracelet with a wallet attached to a chain linked to his dusty brown vintage belt. Pretty cool, right?
  2. Eastern hip-hop. This look is straight jamming. The kid's rocking a nice pair of trendy, yet extremely baggy denim jeans. He's got a layered torso, starting with a really cool button-up shirt hanging out of his pants. Under the shirt are two layers of brightly colored tees. On his head, he wears a paper boy-styled hat. The best part of this outfit is the shoes. He's not wearing a pair of sneakers. Oh, no. This guy's rocking a pair of trendy sandals. And the look really works.
  3. You want trendy? It's all about unique T-shirts. Some tees have the coolest graphics you'll see this side of a graffiti wall. The come in V-necks and form-fitters to so loose that your shirt may just fall off. As far as pants are concerned, cargo pants are really huge. Shorts are also really big. The Japanese literally take trendy elements from other places and fuse them together quite well. Try a nice pair of dress shoes with a graffiti style T-shirt and cargo pants. Sounds eclectic, right?
  4. The shoe game. Shoes are one of the more important aspects of Japanese fashion for men. If you thought you could find creative looking shoes in New York or Los Angeles, you need to check out Japan. Once again, they've taken something huge over here, flipped it, changed it and made their own cool version. You can see dress shoes with sporty outfits and vice versa.
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