Japanese Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a new look, these Japanese hair styles are what the stylist ordered. Most of the Japanese hair styles that you run into are more structured, stylized versions of hair styles men have been wearing for generations. All it takes to pull off these Japanese hairstyles is a stylist that knows how to cut your hair into the right shape and a bit of styling product.

  1. Shaggy spike. If you’re looking for a rock star look (think Scott Weiland) this Japanese hair style may be for you. The back of the hair is cut long in a shag, but instead of being left in fluffy shaggy layers, they hair is cut closer to the nape of the neck and straightened so that it lays as flat as possible. The top of the hair is cut a bit shorter and often allows space for bangs. Use lots of product to make the top of your hair spiky and keep your bangs in place.
  2. Spiky. Guys have been wearing variations of this Japanese hair style since the invention of hair gel and mouse. The sides and the back of the hair are cut short. While the top is left a few inches longer. Use some gel or mouse to spike the longer sections of hair. The only downside to this look is that too much product can leave you looking like a porcupine. If you take it easy on the product you can get the spiky look without impaling anyone who touches your hair.
  3. Bed head. With its soft flips and face framing curves, this Japanese hair style says, you’re causality sensitive, but too cool to care. The nice thing about this hair style is that you can wear it long or short and the more rumpled it looks the better. When you get out of the shower put a little bit of product in your hair, give it a tussle and you’re good to go.
  4. The shag. In the 60s this Japanese hair style was known as “The Beatle” because The Beatles were the band that made it famous. In more recent history it's been called “The Bieber” as it is worn by teen sensation Justin Bieber. Yes, it’s a classic haircut, but unless you're a fifteen-year-old boy or a 60s teen idol, it’s a hard one to pull off.
  5. Side bangs. This Japanese hair style is what you get when the shaggy spike and bed head combine. It works well for guys to want to wear their hair a little longer and is fairly easy to maintain. The back and the top of the hair are cut into the same shape that used in the shaggy spike. Only instead of using product to spike the top of your hair, you’ll use it to scuplt your bangs to the side to frame your face.
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