Japanese Street Food

Japanese street food is an eclectic mix of both strong and mild-flavored delights. Most of the food you will find focuses around meat or seafood and a wide variety of sauces. Along with these, you will find a small assortment of grains—usually rice—formed into different dishes. Candies and treats are also big in Japan.

One of the most common dishes you will find in Japanese street food stalls is Yakitori. Yakitori is a grilled chicken skewer covered in a savory sauce and is an extremely popular street food. In the same stalls these items are sold, you will find various meat, vegetables, eggs and seafood that will most likely be grilled. Yakitori’s sister food is takoyaki, which has the same concept except it is made with octopus instead of chicken.

The presentation of food, even street food, is very important in Japan. Oftentimes how the food is prepared and served is more important than taste. One of the biggest examples of this would definitely be rice balls or onigiri. Onigiri are made of rice compacted into different shapes and can be decorated with a number of small garnishes.

The treats you can find in Japan will be just thattreats—as they are usually very small, yet flavorful. Gummies, small crackers and rice candies are among the most popular. The gummies available in street food stalls are generally fruit flavored, though you may find some more bizarre flavors such as milk or red beans. The crackers you will find are usually accompanied by a frosting in any number of flavors, unlike the rice candies which are similar to hard candies.

Japanese street food is incredibly flavorful, even if the serving sizes may seem small. Most foods tend to have a rich and savory element, such as a sauce or frosting, that makes them delicious. Street vendors are abundant in Japan, so it should be easy to try a little bit of everything.

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