Jason Mraz Songs

Jason Mraz songs are almost always upbeat. He sings about love. He's all about togetherness. His voice is jazzy, but you can hear a lot of reggae influence in it. He is a young-ish looking guy, which the ladies appreciate. Yet his songs about love and romance are nevertheless mature.

  1.  "I'm Yours" This song has a nice, tropical reggae acoustic groove. Mraz just sounds so comfortable singing it — like it's just the most natural thing for him to do. It's also a really happy song.
  2. "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" This song was co-written by music production team The Matrix, which was responsible for Mraz's first top 20 single on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 15. It finds Mraz singing the song really fast — almost as though he's rapping. "If you've got the poison/I've got the remedy."
  3. "I'll Do Anything"  Jason Mraz sings this is a jazzy voice, with warmth and sincerity. It's a song of devotion. It features words of true love for another.
  4. "Shy That Way"  This is a Tristan Prettyman song, which features Jason Mraz. She sings it smoothly, much like a Sade song. Mraz's vocal adds a nice additional touch.
  5. "The Beauty in Ugly" Jason Mraz started off 2007 by debuting his new single "The Beauty in Ugly." This song has a cool, shuffle groove. It nearly rocks, with some subtle electric guitar.
  6. "Geek in the Peek" This song was made more popular in 2007, when American Idol contestant Chris Richardson performed "Geek in the Pink", which helped the song gain a lot of recognition and increased downloads at the American iTunes Store. "Geek in the Pink" made it to 22 on the U.S. iTunes Store on March 10, 2007.
  7. "Lucky" This song is a collaboration with Colbie Caillat. It peaked on the Hot 100 at 48, and one the Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals Grammy in 2010. It's swings, and is kind of jazzy. Mraz and Caillat's voice go together well.
  8. "Make It Mine" Mraz won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 2010 52nd Grammy Awards for this song. It has jazzy horns, hand claps and an upbeat chorus.
  9. "Try Try Try" In early 2009, this song was leaked out into the internet. The drums are more upfront that usual, with guitars taking more of a backseat. It's all about trying to be a nice person.
  10. "San Disco Reggaefornia"  From the Life Is Good EP, this song finds Mraz rapping over a rocking song, which draws upon a lot of different musical styles. There's reggae, rap and rock all mixed together. It's a positive lyric, which is a common trait in Mraz music.
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