Jason Schwartzman: Style

Jason Schwartzman is an undeniable indie star. He has starred in numerous Wes Anderson films, such as "Rushmore" and "The Darjeeling Limited."  His co-stars have included Kirsten Dunst ("Marie Antoinette" ),  Adrian Brody ("Darjeeling Limited") and Ben Stiller ("The Mark Pease Experience"). In addition, Schwartzman has perfected the brooding look, complete with a beard and chin-length hair. Here are some ideas to help you emulate the style of this wonderful actor.

  1. Get some quirky frames Regardless if you need them or not, a sweet pair of oversized glasses will give you that Schwartzman look you're going for. Jason Schwartzman has been photographed with some wire-frame aviator glasses, but any large style frame should work. 
  2. Get a suit With the many interviews and press appearances Jason Schwartzman has, a tailored suit is imperative. Schwartzman often goes the traditional route with a simple button down and tie underneath. However, wearing a sweater and a collared button down shirt under the suit is an optional style, which Jason Schwartzman has been seen wearing on occasion. 
  3. Wear it with some boots Jason Schwartzman also does suits in non-traditional ways  A pair of work style boots look great with a suit and gives the outfit an edge. Another option that Jason Schwartzman uses when wearing suits is pairing the suit with matching sneakers. A pair of black leather sneakers would look great with an all-black suit.
  4. Get a tux Every self-respecting movie star would not be caught dead on the red carpet without a well-tailored tuxedo. With all the movie premieres and awards shows Jason Schwartzman attends, a good tuxedo is necessary. 
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