Jason Statham Workout

The Jason Statham workout is a tough and fierce training program for those that are trying to get fit fast. This workout is made up of three main stages that help to increase your strength on each level and is rumored to help people drop as much as twenty pounds in six weeks. So what are you waiting for? Below are the primary routines  of the Jason Statham workout.

  1. Stage one. The first stage of the Jason Statham workout is warming up for ten minutes. Using a Concept 2 rowing machine, you warm up your muscles making your next two stages easy on your muscles by raising your core temperature. This prepares your muscles for more flexibility to prevent injury.
  2. Stage two. The next stage of this workout is another ten minutes of a moderate, intense exercise. This stage of the workout can be using medicine balls, kettle circuits, or by carrying heavy stuff while running or walking. This stage of the workout can also be done by circuit training with weights.
  3. Stage three. The last stage of the Jason Statham workout is interval training. This training changes depending on what week of the workout you are in. It looks something like doing ten pull-ups, ten minutes of cardio, twenty knee raises, twenty squats, etc. back to back with no breaks. You have to do this five times total everyday.

If you think that you are up to it, this Jason Statham workout will definitely help burn fat and build muscle in no time.

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