Jedi Academy: How Do You Get Duel Sabers?

If you're wondering about Jedi Academy: "How do you get dual sabers?" then you're in luck because the process is as easy as pie, or at least as easy as eating pie.  People who actually make pies will  assure you that the pastry is difficult to make. You just need to make sure you have the latest version.

Things you will need to get dual sabers in Jedi Academy:

  • The latest version of the game
  • A console or PC that can play it
  1.  Install the game if you are playing the PC version. Otherwise, just place the DVD in the drive for your console.  Load the game. Choose the start a new game option in the game.
  2. Go to the character creation screen. The screen gives players the options of selecting several light saber styles. The classic single style is what we see in the movies.  Staff is the style of light saber used by Darth Maul in the Phantom Menace. Select Dual Sabers. This is like selecting the duel sabers option, except that it means you have 2 light sabers.
  3. That’s really all there is to it.  The staff at Made Manual would like to apologize to people who expected a much more complicated process. You can take out the DVD drive from your computer or console if that makes getting dual sabers in Jedi Academy more of a challenge. Once you select the character’s saber style it is difficult to change it.



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