Jenga Drinking Game Rules

Here are Jenga drinking game rules. Drinking games are a great way to have fun when hanging out with friends, co-workers, or family. Jenga drinking game is easy to play and can be very enjoyable.

To play the Jenga drinking game, you will need:

  • Jenga game
  • marker
  • alcohol

To learn to play the Jenga drinking game, follow these rules:

  1. Take out all pieces of Jenga game. To play Jenga as a drinking game, you must take out all wooden pieces of game and using a marker write a rule on each one.
  2. Types of rules. There are three different types of rules to choose from when writing them; drinking rules, action rules, and plain old rules. Drinking rules are rules wrote on blocks that say what to drink. It could say chug the remainder of your drink or it could say to drink a shot. Action rules are rules stating to do something like kiss a person or do a somersault. Plain rules are things like saying the players cannot use or say first names.
  3. Choose the order of players. Determine who will go first in the game and the order thereafter.
  4. Set up game. Set up the blocks of the Jenga game in the way instructed in the basic directions they came with. Be sure to place the written rule side of the wooden blocks down so none of the players can see what the rules say.
  5. Start playing. Drinking Jenga is played just like regular Jenga, except that each time a player chooses a block, they must perform the action the block states.
  6. Game end. The game ends when one player knocks down the entire tower of blocks. This player must do what the block they were trying to pull out says.
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