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In the age of YouTube, anyone can toss something up on the internet, but nothing has been wowing quite like this slue of Jennifer Lopez Videos. J.Lo, or "Jenny from the Block," has been captivating male and female fans alike since 1999. With hits like, "Love Don't Cost a Thing," and "Get Right," Lopez continues to churn out Billboard busting tunes.

  1. "I'm Real"  What makes this Jennifer Lopez video great is its exotic nature. Featuring a motorcycle speeding down the highway and a quick appearance from model, Travis Femmel, Lopez breaks through in 2001 with this smashing hit. With lyrics like, "I've met so many men, it's like their all the same," Lopez' real self starts to shine through. . .and fans rewarded her for it.
  2. "Let's Get Loud"  Even though this song didn't fair to well on the charts, the video is a different story. Recorded at the FIFA Woman's World cup, this song may have not lit up the charts, but it sure resonates with Lopez's larger Latin fan base. All sports lovers can learn to appreciate Jennifer Lopez at her best.
  3. "Love Don't Cost a Thing"  If there ever was a video that depicted modern and everyday relationships, Lopez nailed it with this one. The video kicks off with Lopez talking to her boyfriend, who just bought her an expensive bracelet. However, despite the costly gesture, she'd rather have him at her side. Hence the name. In the middle of the video Lopez removes a postcard that says, "Wish you were here." Apparently love really doesn't "cost a thing."
  4. "Get Right"  This video depicts exactly what it says. Lopez starts off as a "Superstar", then evolves into a "Shy Girl." If that isn't enough, she changes course by turning into a nerd and then a bartender. She really can't get right. In the end, they all end up dancing together. At least it starts to end right, even if she really never does.
  5. "Waiting for Tonight"  Lopez kicks off the millenium strong by bouncing between jungle scenes and a New Years Eve party. Fast forward towards the middle of the video and you'll see J.Lo with green lights and sparkling crystals. Of course, this makes no sense to the average viewer, but to Lopez fans, "Waiting for Tonight," signifies a continual game of cat and mouse. With the lights turning on and off, she sets up the audience for a perfect ending. The clock finally strikes 12:00 and the Year 2000 arrives. . .clearly on cue.
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