Jerk Off Encouragement

Most people wouldn't think that men need any jerk off encouragement, but the truth is that it would actually be better if most men masturbated more often than they do. Now, this isn't to say that something is wrong with you if you don't jerk off, not all men are as horny as goats, after all. It's just to say that masturbation is a totally normal and healthy thing for men to do. Here are the top six reasons for jerking off more often.

  1. It feels good. Masturbation is pleasurable and sometimes (not always, but sometimes) doing something just because it is inherently pleasureable is okay. It can be a little "treat" you give yourself during the week. Do something nice for yourself. Go drain the pipes.
  2. It's "me" time. Our lives are full of moments when we have to give our attention to other people. Bosses, co-workers, wives, children, friends and other people all make demands for our attention and our time. Because of this, it is good to take time out of the our schedules to have some "me" time. Hobbies are good for this, but so is a little personal intimacy.
  3. It relieves stress. Orgasms release endorphins into your blood stream. Endorphins are "feel good" chemicals your body produces. They're the chemicals that are responsible for feelings of pleasure. They also help you let go of stress. The bottom line: Jerking off makes you happy.
  4. It relieves tension. Sexual tension can build up when our needs aren't being met for whatever reason.
  5. It's healthy. Studies have shown that men who masturbate regularly have lower rates of prostate cancer. That's right. Not only does jerking off provide pleasure, give you "me" time and relieve stress and sexual tension, it can also lower your risk of one of the most common cancers found in men.