Jerking Songs

Jerking songs have been around for a long period of time, but it has been of lately that they have received so much attention. This is a result of the jerking dance becoming very popular. Therefore, this has opened a slot for anyone from mainstream artists to local rappers to put out a song about jerking. Though many of the songs are explicit all it really takes is an interesting beat that people can showcase their moves to. These songs are made available all over the web mostly for free downloads.

  1. "You're a Jerk" is a popular jerking song by the New Boyz. This song is by far one of the most popular jerkin songs and came out in in 2009 when jerking was at its peak. The song pokes fun at being a "jerk" as in a "jerker and a "jerk" as in being mean or rude. The beat and the easy lyrics made the song noticeable and catchy.
  2. "Teach Me How to Jerk" is another popular jerking song that was created by a group named Audio Push. The group is more of a locally known group in the southern California area where jerking is extremely popular. Their song focuses on playfully teaching people about the jerk dance craze. They created a music video for the song that is available on youtube.
  3. "Miss Me Kiss Me" is a jerking song that was created by Cold Flamez. This song was one of the group's most successful songs, being played constantly in the clubs. The concept of the song focuses on more of the love aspect of jerking which shows a different side of the dance. This song was able to really diversify the topics that are generally associated with jerking.
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