Jerry Jones Net Worth

Looking for information on Jerry Jones net worth? Jerry Jones is currently the owner and general manager of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones was born on October 13th, 1942, and he has three children: Jerry Jr., Charlotte, and Stephen. Stephen Jones is the Chief Operating Officer of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones Jr. is the Cowboys Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Charlotte is the Directory of Special Events and Charities for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium from Bum Bright in 1989 for a total of $140 million.

Jerry Jones' net worth is $2 billion. Before Jerry Jones made his money, he was a collegiate football player and won the 1964 NCAA Football Championship with the Arkansas Razorbacks, a team he was the co-captain of. After graduating from college, Modern Security Life hired Jerry Jones as an executive vice president, but he made most of his money from Jones Oil and Land Lease, which is a gas and oil exploration company that is still in business today. Jerry Jones had a few business ventures during the late 1960's, but none of them were successful. Jerry Jones was actually presented with the opportunity to purchase the San Diego Charges of the American Football League in 1967, but he declined.

After purchasing the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones made a very controversial decision that is still talked about today. He fired Tom Landry, who, at that point, was the only coach in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. A few months later, he also fired the longtime general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Tex Schramm, and named himself the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, a position that he still holds today. Even though Jerry Jones has made some unpopular decisions, he did help the team win three Super Bowl's in 1992, 1993 and 1995. The Dallas Cowboys have a net worth of $1.8 billion, which is largely thanks to the hard work Jerry Jones has put into the team.

Jerry Jones spent $1.3 billion building Cowboys Stadium, which broke ground in 2005 and opened in 2009. Cowboys Stadium has a capacity of a whopping 80,000 fans (111,000 fans with standing room only), and features a video screen that is 152 feet wide by 72 feet high. The money that Jerry Jones spent on Cowboys Stadium helped the Dallas Cowboys make $420 million during the 2010 NFL season, which has helped the Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable team in the entire league.

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