Jersey Shore Drinking Game

Have you been searching high and low for a Jersey Shore drinking game? If so, you are in luck. Some shows just seem to be made for a drinking game, and MTV’s popular reality series is no exception. And, if you are looking for ways to make the show even more fun than it already is, here are some Jersey Shore drinking game rules to get you started.

  1. The Fist Bump. Fist bumping seems to be a popular maneuver on Jersey Shore. So rule number one of the drinking game is to take a drink every time someone fist bumps someone else. Every time. Considering how much fist bumping goes on on this show, that can add up to a lot of drinks.
  2. Fighting Free-for-Alls. Fights are another frequent occurrence on the show, and no Jersey Shore drinking game would be truly complete unless you had to take a drink every time the fists started flying, or hair pulling commenced.
  3. Attire Rules. The folks on Jersey Shore  love showing skin. So take a drink every time one of the guys either takes his shirt off, or comes onto the scene already shirtless. Take another drink when one of the girls shows up in a bikini top. And take two drinks if it’s one of the girls who somehow ends up shirtless.
  4. Language, People. Take a drink every time someone says a “bad word.” Not one of the bad words allowed on network TV either, but one of those words that’ll get you beeped. And take another drink whenever someone says the words “classy,”  “bro,” “guido,” or “guidette.”
  5. Hook Ups Galore. People “hooking up” is not unheard of on Jersey Shore. So this rule is a must in any Jersey Shoe drinking game. Basically, take a drink if anyone successfully “hooks up.”
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