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Anything newsworthy a celebrity does will get them in the headlines and with the recent events happening between Jesse James, Janine Lindemulder and Sandra Bullock, their names have not been far from the headlines. With the discovery of Jesse James's scandalous affair, the media began to dive into his background.  Because of this affair and the digging by the media, Janine Lindemulder and Sandra Bullock were pulled into the spotlight. 

Jesse James was born in 1969 in Lynwood, California. He married Janine Lindemulder in 2002 and conceived one child with her. The couple had a violent relationship and they divorced in 2004. James and Sandra Bullock met in 2003 when Bullock brought her godson to the set of "Monster Garage," a television show where James was the host. The couple began dating and married in July 2005. 

When the news came out that James was having an affair, possibly many affairs, Janine Lindemulder started popping up all over the news. Lindemulder is the tattooed, ex-wife of James. She was born in 1968 in La Mirada, California. When she and James married in 2002, a documentary was made of the couple. In 2003, the police were called and Lindemulder was arrested for beating James. At this time, other physical altercations came to light that had not been reported. The relationship ended in 2004 after James filed for divorce.  

Lindemulder's career has mainly been in the adult entertainment industry. She appeared in "Penthouse" in 1987 and was Pet of the Month. She tried her hand at a few mainstream movies, but none of them were successful. When they movies flopped, she turned to pornography and is best known for her work in pornographic films. In 2009, Lindemulder was arrested on tax charges and went to prison for six months. James was given custody of their daughter. Once Lindemulder was released from prison, she tried to get custody back but was denied. She was awarded weekly visits to see her daughter.  

Bullock was at James' side during all of the court proceedings and hearings. Bullock was very active in the lives of James' children. When the affair was revealed, Bullock took some time off from the spotlight and eventually filed for divorce from James.  

When you are in the spotlight and a huge news story appears, the media will make every attempt to get as much information as possible about anyone that may be involved in the story. This is especially true in the tale of Jesse James, Janine Lindemulder and Sandra Bullock. How the story ends is yet to be seen. 


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