Jet Blue Baggage Rules

Learn about Jet Blue baggage rules to understand their terms when you are traveling. Jet Blue Airways is an airline that was started in 1999 by founder David Neeleman but was launched in February 2000. The airlines is a low-cost airline and is based out of JFK Airport in New York. JetBlue flies as many as 600 flights each day. As a low-cost carrier, Jet Blue offers fliers an alternative to larger airlines.

  1. Carry-on Baggage. Every JetBlue flier can take two carry-on items: one can be a suitcase or bag and one can be a purse or laptop computer or briefcase. The bag or suitcase has to be able to fit in under the seat or in the overhead bin. The measurements must not exceed 17 inches long by 12.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall.
  2. Unusual Baggage Items and Food Allowed. Jet Blue allows fliers to carry on some liquid items in larger quantities than the standard 3.4 ounces. These items include baby formula, breast milk, and juice. The rules for food that is allowed on Jet Blue airplanes includes food that is wrapped or in a container. The food must go through the x-ray machine at security to be allowed on the flight.
  3. Checked Baggage Rules. Jet Blue lets fliers bring one checked bag on each flight. The bag must be 62 inches total in dimensions (adding the height, width, and length). It can weight 50 pounds or less. Bags weighing more than 50 pounds are charged a minimum of $50 more up to $100. Each bag cannot weight more than 99 pounds.
  4. "Dangerous" Items Allowed as Carry-ons. Jet Blue allows its fliers to carry on some items that may be considered to be dangerous. These items include corkscrews, nail clippers and nail files, cigar cutters, eyeglass repair tools, tools that are seven inches or less in length, one book of safety matches, and round-bladed knives.
  5. Medical Baggage Allowed. Jet Blue allows fliers to carry on and use CPAP machines during flight. In addition, the following medical items are allowed to be carried on to the airplane: items with a battery that is nonspillable such as inhalers, insulin pumps, hearing aids, and approved portable oxygen concentrators.
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