Jimi Hendrix: 10 Best Songs

Here are Jimi Herdrix's 10 best songs. Jimi Hendrix was one of the finest guitarists of all time, and it’s hard to imagine trying to look at only ten of his best songs! While his career was short-lived, Hendrix released a total of three studio albums during his lifetime. His fame has only grown in death. Many young musicians aspire to touch the God-esque cords that only Hendrix himself could touch. Let’s take a look at the ten best Hendrix songs of all time in no particular order.

  1. “Purple Haze” This may be Hendrix’s most famous song of all time. It’s been featured in various movies such as Apollo 13. This song has some awesome opening riffs that will keep you humming all day long. “Purple Haze” also features one of Hendrix’s most infamous guitar solos. It’s certainly worth more than one or two listens!
  2. “Are You Experienced?” This song shares the same title of the album that many of Hendrix’s popular songs come off of. “Are You Experienced?” has a slower pace than some of Hendrix’s three-minute radio hits. Despite its pace, it’s one of Hendrix’s most popular songs. The guitar solo of “being experienced” is both one of Hendrix’s longer guitar solos and more complicated ones.
  3. “Foxy Lady” Speaking of radio hits, “Foxy Lady” is one of Hendrix’s most popular songs of all time. The guitar work in this song isn’t as impressive as some of the other songs on our list, but this song has a nice beat to tap your foot too. It also became a favorite club song during the easy 1970’s after Hendrix’s death.
  4. “Voodoo Child” “Voodoo Child” features some of the most chilling riffs ever “experienced” in classic rock. Many artists and fans point to this song as being Hendrix’s most famous song. After you get past the opening riffs, this song has a nice beat to it. Like many of Hendrix slower-paced songs, this one throws one amazing solo after another at you.
  5. “Hey Joe” “Hey Joe,” like “Purple Haze,” was another movie-favorite produced by Hendrix. Like many of Hendrix’s songs, this song tells a story as it progresses onward. What makes “Hey Joe” stand-out from other songs on this list is its progression and guitar work. The progression is slower than most of Hendrix’s songs, while the guitar work is less prominent. The emphasis of this song is placed more on Hendrix’s raspy vocals, not just his riffs!
  6. “If 6 Was 9” Many Hendrix fans may be surprised to see this song on our list and not another popular song. What makes this song stand out is the fact that it tells a story about a turbulent time in American history. This is also another song where more emphasis is placed on Hendrix’s vocals than his guitar work. But we shouldn’t ignore the instrumental work in this song. There are various excellent drum and guitar solos neatly laid out in this song.
  7. “The Wind Cries Mary” This song features the classic aspect of story-telling that makes many of Hendrix’s song enjoyable time and again. It also has a couple of nice solos inter-laced throughout the song. It also has a very “dreamy” feeling to it.
  8. “All Along the Watchtower” This is one of Hendrix’s most famous songs that combine the elements of the dream-like state and storytelling of a past time. Hendrix also sings about the turbulent times of the late 1960’s during American’s hippy movement. Don’t overlook the amazing solos in this song either, they’re awesome.
  9. “Fire” This is another fast-paced song that speaks of love and “desire” that is still a popular radio hit. Beside Hendrix’s excellent riffs, this song also features some excellent drumming. Just make sure to move over Rover, and let Jimi take over!
  10. “Little Wing” This is one of Hendrix’s slower and shorter songs. It has a nice pace to it with Hendrix’s dreamy singing and light riffs. “Little Wing” is an excellent song to end our list with because it encompasses many of the elements we’ve already discussed in Hendrix’s music: storytelling, guitar solos, and the dream-esque state of Hendrix’s music.
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