Jiu Jitsu Cone Drills For Beginners

Jiu Jitsu cone drills for beginners is a fantastic way to begin honing your skills and become a more agile person. The concept of Jiu Jitsu comes in creating an adequate way for people of smaller builds to effectively defend themselves against people who are larger. Unlike many other forms of martial arts, Jiu Jitsu places an emphasis on speed and agility, outmaneuvering your opponent and outsmarting them to eventually become victorious in the end. Below are a few Jiu Jitsu cone drills for beginners that can be utilized to begin the transformation into a fast moving, agile oponent.

  1. Fast feet drill. Place six markers on the ground in two rows of three. Each marker should be about three feet away from the other on all sides. After the markers have been placed, quickly move from one to the other in a zig-zag motion, keeping a jogging like motion going the entire time. This exercise helps increase leg strength while simultaneously honing your ability to quickly pivot and change direction.
  2. Knee to chest drill. With the markers still in place from the fast feet drill, work the same rotation, moving from one marker to the other. At every other marker, drop to the ground in push-up position and immediately jump back to your feet, moving to the next marker. When you reach the next marker, bring both knees to the chest, one at a time. This builds on speed, endurance and  core strength.
  3. Run around cone drill. This is one of the more simple Jiu Jitsu cone drills for beginners. Place the cone markers in a large circle with about a fifteen-foot diameter. When the cones are placed, randomly run to a cone and circle around it, utilizing tight footwork, then move to another cone in a random location within the circle, switching it up for 30 seconds. This builds on increasing your small area footwork and increases your ability to respond better when having to change the position of your feet instantaneously.
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