Job Objective Examples

Job objective examples show a prospective employer how you intend to use your experience while working for the company, and what you hope to achieve in the short-term. When you use job objective examples, you give your resume a chance to stand out from the crowd and allow the company to get to know you in a few short sentences. A job objective can be a powerful thing on your resume, so use these job objective examples to help model your own qualifications into a statement that will grab employers' attention.

  1. Sales Professional. A sales professional can cover a wide variety of industries, but the basic job objective example is the same. A good example is "I would like to use my past experience as a sales professional to increase company revenue, and I would like to become more involved in the technical side of sales."
  2. Trainer or Teacher. When you present a resume for the position of corporate trainer or school teacher, your job objective examples will be very similar. An objective such as "To bring my experiences as a teacher into a setting where I can a positive effect on those looking to learn" is a good way to start your job objective.
  3. Security Guard. Security guards are becoming more sought after in the job market, and this job objective example will help your resume stand out. "To bring my past training and expeirence to creating a productive and safe workplace for the company's employees, and to continue to improve on my skills as a security professional."
  4. Customer Service. Customer service professionals play a significant role in retaining customers and growing revenue. That is why employers only want the best available talent. To make your customer service resume stand out, use a form of this job objective example: "To maintain company profits by using my experience in customer service to provide a positive experience for the customer. I would also like to continue my education in the customer service field, and expand my understanding of the customer service industry."
  5. Marketing Professional. Applying for marketing jobs can be tricky because there are several interpretations of what marketing does for a company. An enthusiastic job objective example, such as this one, would be appropriate: "I want to expand my ability to create focused and effective marketing campaigns by applying my experience to the future needs of the company. I would also like to become better versed in the many aspects of marketing such as press releases, web content and gauging a return on investment."  
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