Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Jobs for 17 year olds are easier to balance between work and school due to flexibility of part time work. Most jobs are held during the summer season, providing teens the opportunity to learn responsibility to take care of themselves financially. Take a look at the following jobs that are great for teenagers.

  1. Restaurants. One of the most popular jobs for 17 year olds is working in the food industry. Most food services that hire teens are normally fast food restaurants. Aside from the fast food industry, teens can find a job at full service restaurants too. In these fast-paced environments, teens can work as a cashier, waiter, or busboy/girl.
  2. Clothing retail stores. Most 17 year olds love fashion so working at the shopping mall or an individual clothing retail store is a perfect place. Plus teens get the perks of getting employee discounts for shoes, apparel, and accessories. Aside from clothing stores, different retail shops for teens to work as associates include major department stores or electronics stores, among others.
  3. Entertainment stores. Teens will find enjoyment working at music stores where they can find the latest deals on music, movies, and video games. It is a fun place to work at since many 17 year olds hold great interest in any of the three form of entertainment.
  4. Amusement Parks. Working outside on a sunny warm day sounds like heaven to most people, especially teens who in need of a job. It is even more enticing when it is at an amusement park, full of rollercoaster rides and games. Although it is a demanding job, it is a cool position to have on a resume, plus the benefits of free rides.
  5. Independent contractor jobs. Most jobs for 17 years old usually are in high demand, especially during the summer season making it difficult to find employment of interest. When all things fail working for a big company, sell yourself. Go to neighbors in your area and inquire about mowing the lawn, becoming a cat or dog sitter, babysitter, tends to gardens, anything to help busy neighbors in need of help.
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