Jobs For 18 Year Olds

There are some jobs for 18 year olds that will allow you to make money and still go to college. While it's true that you won't exactly be rolling in the dough, there are usually options for getting gainful employment. If you are already in school, you may have a bit more trouble finding something with flexibility. Jobs for eighteen year olds won't be glamorous, but they will let you pay some bills.

  1. Internship. While this is fairly vague, an internship is a perfect job for an eighteen year old. The difficulty is in getting a paid internship. There are opportunities out there for paid internships. This can not only help you get into college, if that is your path, it can lead to a career. For example, if you have an interest in management, try and find an internship working as a personal assistant to a manager for a well-known company.
  2. Host. An entry-level position at restaurants is working as a host. Hostesses and hosts greet guests, show them to their tables and a myriad of tasks depending on the restaurant. Working as a host is an excellent job for eighteen year olds as it can lead into serving. Hosts do not make tips but servers do. If you can score a position at an upscale restaurant, the money can be great.
  3. Gym. For gym rats, a job for eighteen year olds is working at the gym. There are a myriad of positions to choose from. Gyms hire people to do sales, clean-up and reception. A benefit of working at a gym is usually a free membership. They also have flexible schedules which is perfect for college students. 
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