Joe Namath Stats

One of the most legendary quarterbacks in NFL history, Joe Namath’s stats features some of the best moments in the history of New York football. The man whose nickname was “Broadway Joe” proved, in every aspect of the game, that he is one of the best.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide In college, Joe Namath led Alabama to the National Championship in 1964 under legendary head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. During his time in college, he led Alabama to a 29-4 record over three seasons.
  2. “The Greatest Athlete” Paul “Bear” Bryant referred to Joe Namath as the greatest athlete he ever coached. Namath often returned the compliment to his former head coach. During his time at Alabama, Joe Namath’s stats included 2,713 passing yards and 25 touchdowns in three seasons.
  3. NFL Draft Joe Namath entered the professional football draft in 1964 and both the NFL and AFL drafted the quarterback. Joe Namath chose to play for the New York Jets in the upstart AFL over the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL and won Rookie of the Year while becoming the first quarterback to ever throw for over 4,000 yards in a year.
  4. 1968 AFL Title Game Joe Namath’s stat-line was impressive in the 1968 title game between the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders. Namath threw for three touchdowns to give New York the win. He went on to win the Hickok Belt as the best professional athlete of the year.
  5. Super Bowl III Joe Namath became a star thanks to the third Super Bowl between the AFL and NFL. The AFL was considered a lesser conference and Namath guaranteed a win. When he led New York to a 16-7 win over Baltimore, he became the first quarterback to win a National title in college and go on to win a Super Bowl title.
  6. 1972 vs. Baltimore Joe Namath’s stats took a dive after the Super Bowl win. Namath spent more time injured than he spent on the field, missing over 30 games in four years. However, in 1972, he was healthy and played against Baltimore and Johnny Unitas. Unitas threw for 376 yards and three touchdowns, but Namath threw for 496 yards and six touchdowns to lead New York to the win.
  7. Hall of Fame Joe Namath entered the NFL Hall of Fame in 1985. Over his career, Namath threw for 27,663 yards and 173 touchdowns with a quarterback rating of 65.5.
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