John Casablancas Scam

The John Casablancas scam is an old one, but that doesn't stop them from hooking in new victims. John Casablancas is not an agency, and they do not help their clients get modeling jobs. What they are, instead, is a modeling school. They will teach people how to apply make up and how to walk, but these are all skills that can be learned for free from a reputable agency.

John Casablancas often sends postcards to aspiring models. They also run ads in newspapers and magazines. Sometimes, models will go for an audition or apply for a job, and then will be contacted by John Casablancas, not to be offered work, but to be offered costly classes.

One of the worst parts of the John Casablancas scam is that they will accept anyone who pays for their school, regardless of this person's appearance, talent or marketability as a model. The school collects its fees and gives the classes, but there is little chance that anyone who falls for this scam will have any luck getting modeling jobs.

Many professionals in the modeling business, from photographers to agents to successful models, assert that modeling schools are a waste of money. It is better to consider modeling schools like John Casablancas finishing schools than modeling schools, as any skills that you learn will have little applicability to work in the modeling world.

If you are interested in becoming a model, do not fall for the John Casablancas scam, or any other modeling school scam. Seek out modeling agencies, and only speak to those that do not require an upfront fee. Do not be pressured into taking classes, or paying exorbitant amounts for the services of their staff photographer. Legitimate support professionals in the modeling business will make their money from the clients, not by charging the aspiring models.

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