John Madden Quotes

John Madden quotes have become some of the most iconic parts of the American sports landscape and American pop culture. From the moment former Super Bowl champion coach John Madden became a television commentator in 1980, he unleashed some of the most memorable quotes ever. Madden took some criticism for his eccentric and enthusiastic quotes, but the best ones are always worth re-visiting.

  1. "Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble."  John Madden quotes sometimes have meaning that goes beyond football. This quote was one he used in his days as an NFL head coach, and as a broadcaster. When asked about how athletes should carry themselves, this was Madden's answer.
  2. "Don't worry about the horse being blind. Just load the wagon."  In many cases, the majority of the football-watching audience had no idea what a John Madden quote was supposed to mean. This is a classic example of a quote Madden delivered during a football game broadcast that remains a mystery.
  3. "If you see a defensive team with dirt and mud on their backs, then they had a bad day."  John Madden quotes had a way of stating the obvious in a more colorful manner. Most football fans understand Madden's message with this quote and, in the heat of a football game, these are the quotes that Madden was most famous for delivering.
  4. "He feels the pressure real, and the pressure imagined."  John Madden had several ways of explaining why players sometimes make mistakes in the heat of a game. This rather odd sounding quote actually makes a lot of sense if you stop and read it carefully. When the broadcast audience first heard this quote, it was quite a head-scratcher.
  5. "I think perhaps it is a relationship that's not marked by a great need to interfere with each other all the time."  Sometimes, with John Madden commentating, it was best just to enjoy the game. Madden had a lot of insight to offer when it came to explaining the ins and outs of football. The problem was that he sometimes lacked the necessary public speaking skills to get his point across.
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