John Terry Scandal

The John Terry scandal was part of a long string of scandals involving prominent athletes. English soccer player John Terry allegedly slept with Vanessa Perroncel, the girlfriend of one of John's team mates. Vanessa became pregnant during the affair and later had an abortion. 

John Terry had a long history of affairs. He admits to cheating on Toni, his wife, numerous times before they were even married. John knew that this one would become a scandal that would prove to be upsetting to his career and his marriage. He then tried to get a court injunction to block the press from covering the story. 

John and his business partners presented Vanessa with hush documents, two of which Vanessa signed on January 22nd, 2010. The judge refused to acknowledge the documents in court and the injunction failed. This is when the media circus began.

Terry's wife, Toni, planned to divorce him when she found out about the alleged affair. Wayne Bridge was dating Vanessa at the time of the affair. Wayne quit the England soccer team a few weeks after the scandal made headlines. 

John Terry was the captain of the England "football" (soccer) team until the team's manager demoted him after the scandal. He continues to play soccer.

The John Terry scandal has led to more scandals involving alleged phone tapping from major newspapers. Veronica Perroncel has threatened to sue numerous media outlets for breaches of privacy. The evidence of media wrongdoing is jumbled and non-transparent. One thing that is certain is that Vodafone, a phone company, confirmed that someone did hack into a voicemail account of one of Veronica's friends. Veronica also noticed "suspicious activity" on her cellphone. 

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