Johnny Cash: Style

Johnny Cash's style was very consistent, which makes his look easy to copy.  His clothing choices earned this musician a nickname that is almost interchangeable with his name, 'The Man in Black."  This fully describes his style. Although he occasionally wore other colors, he is most often remembered for a very limited fashion style. Because of this limited palette, there are only a few steps required to duplicate his look.

  1. Put on a black button down shirt with a collar. This was a staple piece, along with his black slacks.
  2. Wear boot cut black jeans casually loose or a pair of black dress pants. Nothing fancy, just classic, simple designs like these are the main element in Johnny Cash style. 
  3. Occasionally replace the black shirt with a  white button down. Johnny Cash normally wore his shirts with the first two buttons undone, sans tie.  His look had a slight cowboy feel to it.
  4. Choose a pair of boots. Johnny Cash was most often seen with black cowboy boots. He wore them with his pants pulled over top, rather than tucked into the boot. He also had a dark brown pair or two, but is known for his black boots.
  5. Slick your hair back with gel. Later years had him brushing his hair back as usual but in a messier fashion.
  6. Purchase a nicely tailored long leather coat to complete your "Man in Black" look.  Johnny Cash accessorized with his ever present guitar and cigarettes, rarely anything else. His outfits were simple and most often all black, but he managed to make this look work for him since it was so authentically Johnny Cash. He never tried to fit in by changing the way he dressed or sang.  



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