The Joy Of Erotic Massage

 The joy of erotic massage lies in the way it brings two people together. Erotic massage is sensual, sexual, and very, very sexy.  Focus on your partner's pleasure, and erotic massage will produce benefits for you both.

  1. Touch her in a way that feels good. The secret to a great massage is touch that feels good to the other person will also feel good to you. You can tell you're getting it right when her body relaxes and feels like buttery satin under your hands. Don't be afraid to explore her body and her reactions as you deepen the massage.  
  2. Use what you've got. Erotic massage can incorporate everything from scented oils to sex toys. Talk with your partner about her comfort levels with sex toys and other massage extras to find out what she likes and does not like. Choose toys and accoutrements that take her to the edge. Try warming, cooling, and edible oils. Use your tongue, face, and body in addition to your hands as you massage. Incorporate professional massage tools to relax her back, legs, and feet, and then use vibrating toys to stimulate her erogenous zones.  
  3. Worship her. Erotic massage is not about getting off as quickly as possible. It is an experience that, done right, can cement a bond between yourself and your partner.  At the very least, it can prolong the night's lovemaking and intensify orgasms when they finally arrive. Take your time when massaging your partner. Worship every part of her body as if it is the only thing in your universe. This time is for her. The more you focus on her needs, her body, and her desires, the more she'll open to your touch. When she is truly relaxed, open, and trusting, anything and everything becomes possible. 
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