Julia Roberts Cancer Movies

Julia Roberts has starred in a couple major movies in which she tackles the issue of cancer and here, you'll find some of Julia Roberts' cancer movies. She has never, however, played a cancer patient in either movie. She has always been the supporting figure who faces the issue with her friends or family in these movies. Her father died of cancer when she was nine, so she has experienced the role of support in real life. Perhaps that's why it translates so well onscreen.

  1. "Dying Young" (1991) In this movie, Hilary is hired to be a live-in caretaker. Victor (Campbell Scott) is young and successful and has leukemia. By the time Hilary comes, he's already given up, weak from the treatments. Hilary inspires him, loves him and gives him a reason to live.
  2. "Stepmom" (1999) In this movie, Roberts plays Isabel, the new girlfriend/fiance of Luke (Ed Harris). Luke has two children and an ex-wife Jackie (Susan Sarandon) who doesn't like Isabel much. They disagree on parenting skills, and Isabel is given all the blame for Jackie's failed marriage. As the story progresses, Jackie is diagnosed with cancer and given only months to live. This forces the two to become allies so that the children are left with a good stepmom, whom they love and respect.

Although there are only two movies that specifically deal with cancer, Roberts has also had other roles in which someone has a fatal illness. In "Steel Magnolias" (1989), she plays a character with diabetes. In "Erin Brockovich", she plays the titular character who works for lawyers, and helps them make a break in a case against against a large plant that is polluting the water and killing innocent people.



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