Jury Duty Excuses

Jury duty excuses are used everyday among American citizens who hates the idea to be summon to view a case. Most people would rather spend twelve hours at a job they hate than show up daily to court. If you need excuses to avoid jury duty, look at these steps.

  1. "I'm a cop hater" If the case involve law enforcement and the judge ask various questions, do not be afraid to express your resentment towards police officers. Anyone who strongly opposes one or both parties in the case usually kicked out. This one of the best jury excuses using to avoid becoming a juror.
  2. "Give him/her death penalty" This jury duty excuse works well living in a state against death penalty. The prosecutor in the criminal case will find you useless for his claims and most likely not prefer to have you as a juror.
  3. "I have a anxiety disorder" There are numerous anxiety disorders that disabled a person from functioning on a daily basis. Saying you have Social Anxiety disorder or Agoraphobia, both mental illnesses that cause panic when out in public, accompanying with a doctor's note may excuse you from jury duty. Hopefully, the judge will be sympathetic to your excuse.
  4. "I'm a full time student in school" Interference with school is a risk that causes many students to fail a course. Making this as a jury duty excuse gives you the ability to not become a juror as it takes time away from studying and focusing on your education.
  5. "I cannot speak proper English" It especially works well for people who are fluent in another language and has knows little to no basic understanding of the English language or someone who can fake an accent. Judges and lawyers prefer a juror who understands everyone's conversation and if you do not, you may become excused.
  6. "I’m a racist/ homophobic" Using any of these excuses to get out jury duty, and there is a good chance getting kick out the courtroom. During the jury selection process, judges and lawyers like someone who is unbiased and not heavily against a race of people or prejudice of someone’s sexual orientation.
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