Just Cause 2 Cheats

“Just Cause 2” cheats are not cheat codes in the traditional sense but secrets, Easter eggs and ways to game the system allowing you to get exactly what you want. For most of the tips and cheats below you will need to head to specific coordinates and can check the top right corner of the in game map where you’ll see coordinates that change as you move the cursor around.

  1. Base jumping to make a quick buck. Having a little extra money to help you along on your quest as Rico Rodriguez never hurts. In “Just Cause 2” there lots of ways to earn cash quickly with typing in a cheat code. For your first foray into entrepreneurship go to coordinates X:3402, Y:15504 where you’ll find a base jumping event to participate in. You get a $20,000 reward you receive each time you complete the event successfully and you can repeat the event as many times as you want until you have the cash you need. Note that the Roaches Stronghold missions must be completed before you can attempt this event. Another base jumping opportunity is available at coordinates X:3632, Y:31521 that also earns you $20,000 with each successful attempt.
  2. Racing for cash. Scattered throughout the islands in “Just Cause 2” you’ll find races that net you $20,000 with each victory. The races aren’t too difficult and with one or two runs there is no doubt you’ll come in first without any sort of cheat code. Complete these races as often as you like until you have the money you need.
  3. Getting loads of stunt points. Stunts points are as valuable as money in “Just Cause 2” and just as easy to rack up. There are two simple ways to push your stunt point count through the roof. The most straightforward method to getting stunt points without cheat codes doesn’t require anything more than proceeding to one of the highways around the islands with a fast car or motorcycle. Go against everything you learned in traffic school and speed down the middle of the road with reckless abandon dodging cars at full throttle. This works best with motorcycles due to their small profile. The second method requires you to head to Panau International Airport and pick up the sports car found there. Get yourself into stunt mode and with the grappling hook attach the car to one of the planes as it takes off. Hop in the car and enjoy your rising stunt point count.
  4. Respawning rocket launcher, C4 and grenades. Because of the nature of the large open world in “Just Cause 2” you won’t need cheat codes to get all the weapons and ammo you could ever want. Items respawn not after a period of time, but after you’ve traveled a certain distance. Inside the temple at coordinates X:20443, Y:31188 you’ll find a respawning rocket launcher ready for the taking. Another rocket launcher and more ammo can be found at X:20624, Y:31074. At coordinates X:17342, Y:4196 you’ll find a spot on the lower deck near the water where you can get unlimited C4 and Grenades. More grenades, C4 and even an SMG can be found at X:5665, Y:25862. After grabbing any of the above items head out to sea on your parachute, return and the items will have respawned.
  5. “Just Cause 2” falling trick and the exploding whale. If you ever find yourself free falling, grapple the ground right before you hit and never worry about having a parachute again. When you are in need of some good armor, there is a whale ready to explode located at X:29611, Y:31332 that will net you some armor.
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