JVC TV Troubleshooting: 5 Tips

Looking for JVC TV Troubleshooting: 5 Tips? Even if you do not possess an abundance of technical skills, as long as you know a few basics, you will be able to troubleshoot your JVC TV with ease. Before you make an expensive repair call, see if the below troubleshooting tips will solve the issues you are having with your JVC TV.

  1. No Power. If your JVC TV has no power, the first thing you need to do is check the AC power cord. You will want to ensure that both ends of the AC power cord are connected properly. If you are using a power strip, try plugging your JVC TV directly into the wall to make sure the power strip is not defective. In some cases, a quick reset can fix your power issues. To reset your JVC TV, simply unplug the unit for a couple of minutes.
  2. Poor Picture. While it is rare, sometimes having an electrical appliciance too close to your JVC TV can cause picture interference. If that is not the case with your JVC TV, you will want to press the Menu button on your JVC TV remote control and scroll to the Picture Settings. Adjusting the Contrast and Brightness may resolve your poor picture issue. If your JVC TV is a high definition television, it is always best to watch only high definition programs, as standard definition programs will not broadcast as well.
  3. Poor Sound. The first thing that you will want to do if the sound is poor on your JVC TV is to make sure that you have not accidentally pressed the Mute button on your remote control. While you are at it, increase the volume to make sure that you do not have the volume too low. If that does not solve your poor sound issues, check the audio cables that are connecting your external device to your JVC TV. If the cables are not fully plugged in, you will experience some loss of sound.
  4. Black Box. There is no need to panic if a black box has appeared on your JVC TV. This simply means that you have inadvertently pressed the closed captioning button on your remote control. Your JVC TV has four closed captioning modes. These modes are CC1, CC2, CC3, and CC4. Press the CC button on your JVC TV until the word Off is displayed on your screen.
  5. Image Size. Your JVC TV is equipped with several different screen modes. If the image you are watching is not covering the entire screen, press the Screen Mode button on your remote control until the issue is fixed. You should only experience image size problems when using component and HDMI cables.

Tip: If you are still experiencing technical difficulties with your JVC TV, refer to your owners manual or contact JVC directly.

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