Karhu Backcountry: 5 Best

Curious about Karhu backcountry and the 5 best backcountry skis available? If you're thinking Finland’s finest, Karhu, then you are thinking along the lines of a true legend. Karhu is one of the top manufacturers of backcountry skis. The 5 best Karhu backcountry skis are five of the finest backcountry skis available anywhere. If you are in the market for a premium ski, look no further than Karhu. The 5 best Karhu backcountry skis are:

  1. Karhu Storm BC. This Karhu backcountry ski is a beast. Designed with the greatest of care and the best of materials, this backcountry ski is versatile enough to handle Telemark skiing as well. The BC is beautifully constructed with a sturdy macroblock composite that absorbs the mountain's force and transfers it to the edges. The sleek cut at the toe and heel cause an easier glide with less friction. All this makes for a cleaner and less-fractioned ride.
  2. Solstice XT. The Solstice boasts a Widetrak design that makes cross-country skiing a more viable and easier-to-manage adventure. Top construction and the wide shape give the feel of floating on the snow, which decreases the stress on the legs. Durability is a key component of this wildly popular ski, as well it should be.
  3. 10th Mountain. This Karhu backcountry ski offers a special core composite that reduces impact and wear on the skier. This revolutionary core, called “Greenlight,” is ultra-durable and light. This touring ski offers extended life on the backcountry with added comfort zones for the skier. Fine construction and durability makes this a popular cross-sport ski.
  4. The Guide. The Karhu Guide is a pioneering ski that offers the best in backcountry through a design that takes both cross-country and Telemark skiing to heart. This versatile ski offers enforced edges and greater glide to reduce body wear as well as extend your time on the snow. Strong amalgamated materials make up the backbone of this ski and provide extreme durability.
  5. Spire BC. The Spire BC was made for backcountry and touring skiers looking for extended adventures. Very well constructed, it employs the major high points of the Karhu line, from the Widetrak to the Greenlight core. One of the best for sure.


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