Kat Von D Tattoos

Kat Von D

If you have ever watched the hit show “LA Ink,” you’re bound to have seen some Kat Von D Tattoos. Kat Von D is one of the tattoo artists on TLC’s reality show, and she has amazing skill and a wide variety of work. Here are a few of the best Kat Von D Tattoos.

  1. “Killing Loneliness.” This is one of the best Kat Von D tattoos composed of just words. The inked design of these words are exquisitely drawn and are incredibly powerful, showing how the ink puts you into a larger community than just yourself. That is what makes this one of the most special of Kat Von D tattoos.
  2. “Casino.” This is one of the most complex of the Kat Von D tattoos. It says, “Not here for a long time, just here for a good time.” This tattoo has a bunch of hundred dollar bills and an expertly drawn roulette table. This is one of the best Kat Von D tattoos ever inked.
  3. “Get it Yourself.” This is one of the most funny of the Kat Von D Tattoos. It is one of the best of the Kat Von D tattoos that are inked on the back. It shows two portraits: one of a man telling a woman, “Mona get me a beer,” and the other saying, “Get it yourself!” The amazing inkwork done on the comedic portraits and the intricate frames makes this one of the best Kat Von D tattoos.
  4. “Strawberry Patch.” This is one of the best of Kat Von D Tattoos to be done on the neck. With this tattoo, a strawberry patch is tattooed on the neck with blue, green and red.



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