Kayaking: How To Carry Decoys

Learning how to carry kayaking decoys can expand the uses of your kayak. Kayak decoys are a great tool to use when hunting pesky fall fowl. If you’re ready to get to work, than let’s take a look at the items you’ll need to carry decoys during your kayaking adventures.

To carry decoys while using your kayak, you’ll need the following items:

  • Kayak
  • Decoys
  • Netting
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Velcro straps
  • Super glue
  1. Prep your kayak The first step to carrying kayaking decoys is to prep your kayak. Determine an area in your kayak where you want to carry your decoys. A great place to install a kayak decoy carrying net is somewhere that will be easily available to you. One option is to install this kayak decoy net near your feet; while others may consider placing their kayak decoy carrying device behind their back. While both areas have their pros and cons, make sure that your decoys will be easily available to you.
  2. Make your decoy device. Once you’ve found the optimal place to install your kayak decoy carrying device, begin by measuring the area in which you want your netting to occupy. Next, use these measurements to cut-out your netting. Make sure that you give yourself extra length and width so your netting will be able to act as a cradle for your decoys. Next, place glue on the sides of your kayak and place your Velcro straps to the sides of your kayak. Complete this step by connecting your netting to your Velcro straps.
  3. Carrying your decoys. Once you’ve completed your kayak decoy carrying device, place your decoys in your netting. Make sure that your decoys have optimal room in your netting so you won’t risk them knocking into each other. While your decoys may add some additional weight to your kayak, you should have no trouble still using your kayak. Make sure that your decoys are readily available, especially when pursuing fall fowl. You may also consider carrying other miscellaneous items such as life jackets, decoy equipment, etc. in your netting to save room!

One way to optimize the use of your kayak carrying device is to consider also laying netting over the top of the device. This may give you added protection, but may also take away from your overall use of your decoy carrying device by eliminating accessibility. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your kayak even more with this handy device!

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