Keep Her Under Control: 5 Tips

Have you ever wondered how to keep her under control? Is all the yelling, mood swings, and complaining she does is becoming too much for you?  Does she embarrass in front of your friends and try to control you? If so, we have the solution. Yes, women can be kept under control in a non threatening way. Women are emotional, so if you learn how to understand their emotional behavior you would know what action to take in every situation. 

  1. Agree with everything she says. If your significant other starts to nag. Agree with her. Tell her she is right. Within a matter of seconds, the nagging will come to a halt.  If you are used to arguing with her, and suddenly you tell her she is right, even though you do not think she is, she will be satisfied. For most women, this works like a charm.
  2. Apologize to her. Sometimes you may not even know what you may be apologizing for, but just do it. The whole purpose is to get her to be quiet so just say you are sorry in the middle of her nagging. If she continues, apologize one more time and find yourself some space. Eventually, she'll stop.
  3. Give her money or a special gift. Women love incentives, because they feel as if they are God's gift to Earth and yes indeed they are. If you want to hang out late with your buddies or plan on doing something she may not approve of, have something ready to give to her so she can be occupied. This will soften her and she will be more likely to approve of things she usually wouldn't.  It will keep her mind off of the negative things for a while.
  4. Be serious with her. Sometimes you have to put your foot down on her.  Women like to believe that everything has to go their way.  Make it clear that she does not need to act out of control all the time, because it is annoying.  Women hate to be called annoying.  They like for men to think they are fun. So, tell her she gets on your last nerves with her nagging. Be serious and blunt about it. Do not argue back and forth with her, because she may enjoy it. Do this often enough and eventually she will start to see that her nagging is really getting to you. If she really cares about you, she will lighten up in fear of losing you.
  5. Tell her what you expect from her. When you tell a woman what you expect from her, she will try to live up to it no matter how much she claims she will not.  Deep down in every woman, there is a desire to please her man.  If you come up with logical expectations, she will take them into consideration.  The main reason is because she would hate for another woman to live up to your expectations.  Women are competitive creatures.  So, tell her.  If you do not, she will continue with what she's comfortable with.  
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