Keflex Side Effects

Almost all drugs have side effects; keep on reading to learn more about Keflex side effects. Keflex is used to attack bacterial infections. Your doctor may prescribe Keflex if you have an ear infection, sinuses infection, or a respiratory tract infection. There are also many other reasons why a doctor may prescribe this antibiotic.

  1. Skin peeling. Patients that have taken the drug Kelfex have been known to experience skin peeling and skin irritation. Common signs are skin peeling on fingers and around the fingers. Skin may peel at other areas of the body.
  2. Abdominal pain. Abdominal pain will normally occur between your groin and chest. If you feel pain in one of these areas, while taking this medication, do not ignore this symptom. Abdominal pain is a known Keflex side effect.
  3. Dizziness. There are many medications that can cause dizziness and Keflex is one of them. Keep in mind that if you are taking Keflex you may want to stop taking the drug of you drive a car or operate machinery. You may need to contact your physician and inform him of this symptom.
  4. Genital and rectal itching. Another common Keflex side effect is genital itching. Although there are many causes for genital itching, do not rule out Keflex. Rectal itching happens in the lower area of the buttocks. Talk to your doctor about this condition if the symptoms do not go away.
  5. Seizures. A seizure is an abnormal brain activity and it has been known as a Keflex side effect. There are many types of seizures. So if you are taking Keflex, and are having seizures, this drug may be the reason why because seizures are one of the side effects.
  6. Upset stomach or vomiting. Keflex can be taken on an empty stomach but an upset stomach and vomiting are common Keflex side effects. Make sure you take this antibiotic with a full glass of water, food and milk. Keep in mind that medical professionals consider vomiting as a serious side effect so please talk to your doctor if this symptom continues.
  7. Fatigue. It is not uncommon for patients that are taking Keflex to experience tiredness, exhaustion, and weariness. These are all common Keflex side effects. Recent studies and surveys have concluded that these side effects do happen while taking Keflex.
  8. Soar throat. Keflex can be prescribed for soar throats and doctors usually recommend 250mg four times a day and patients are encouraged to take the medication every six hours. However, Keflex side effects are associated with a soar throat. Keep in mind that Keflex was developed only to eliminate infections caused by bacteria.
  9. Trouble breathing or swallowing. Patients who take Keflex may experience trouble breathing or swallowing. Make sure that you take the medication as prescribed by your doctor. Discuss these Keflex side effects with your doctor.
  10. Allergic reactions. If you think you are having an allergic reaction, such as skin rash, contact a nurse or a doctor for medical advice.
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