Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape: Multiple Partners and a Lawsuit

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Car

Is anyone really shocked by the news that the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape includes multiple partners? After all, she rose to fame in the cast of "Girls Next Door, " the show that featured her as one of Hugh Hefner's many girlfriends (all at the same time). She's made a career out of posing nude and acting sexy, and she lived in the Playboy mansion for five years. Isn't it a given that Wilkinson is no stranger to promiscuity?

So what's the big deal? Supposedly, there is not just one Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, but many, and the tapes feature numerous partners. She made the illicit videos when she was just eighteen, years before signing on to "The Girls Next Door."

Now the model and TV personality is threatening to sue Vivid Entertainment if the tapes are released. Vivid, the company currently in possession of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes, intends to distribute them regardless. A rep for the distributors told, "We believe this could be our all time best selling celebrity tape."

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

And by all accounts, the blonde hottie was aware of the value of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes herself. She reportedly shopped them in 2008, under a new company she formed called Home Run Productions. But she never closed a deal.

Wilkinson has hired the Los Angeles based law firm, Lavely & Singer, to file a cease and desist with Vivid in an attempt to stop the distribution of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes. Legal analysts have told that she has the prerogative to change her mind and seems to have a solid case against Vivid.

So why the change of heart? Why shop the tapes herself two years ago only to deny distribution of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes now? Well, a lot has changed for Kendra. After all, she has settled down now. She is married with a normal happy home life—just her NFL star hubby, her baby Hank, Jr., and her stripper pole.

And besides, if a recent episode of "Kendra" is any indication of her current state of mind, she doesn't even care about sex all that much anymore, saying, "He's gonna wanna have sex all night. And I'm like, 'I'm tired!'"


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