Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

The morning blues can easily be transformed into an explosive rage if you are experiencing Keurig coffee maker problems. Life is difficult enough without the Universe conspiring against you by sabotaging your Keurig coffee maker. Since you tend to find these sort of problems at six in the morning when you are dazed and nonfunctional, a little preventative maintenance should be scheduled. Here are easy to solve issues your Keurig coffee maker will undoubtedly spring upon you in the near future.  

Overflow. Keurig coffee maker problems are like all coffee maker problems. You have tiny ground up beans and every now and then they end up in the wrong place. When your Keurig coffee maker overflows, your machine is experiencing some blockage. Get a toothbrush and gently scrub the area where the coffee pours into your cup to dislodge the errant bean shard.

Slow. One of the more common Keurig coffee maker problems is that the machine will start slowing down which can seriously piss you off in the morning. This is not the Keurig coffee maker's fault; however, it is your water's. Mineralization is a fact of life for any coffee maker and accumulation will clog up the lines making the process more drawn out and excruciating. Take the Keurig coffee maker cup, fill it a quarter of the way full with vinegar. Now fill it with water and run it through your machine. Then run only water through your coffee maker three more times and it will be clear.

Nasty. The Keurig coffee maker problems that have to do with taste are often your fault. Maybe you cannot brew coffee, maybe your coffee sucks or maybe your machine is filthy. The above method that incorporates vinegar will generally fix any foul taste the coffee maker. If not, try using better water or coffee. Experiment with the amount of coffee you use because the directions will usually produce a weak cup of coffee.  

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