Kick Boxing Agility Drills

Kickboxing agility drills are simplistic and in many instances fun, Agility drills for kickboxing are meant to work your foot skills and kick delivery. These drills are simple to process and learn but the benefits are enormous.

  1. Jumping Rope: This is a great way to work agility and leg strength, be sure to jump rope from your toes and not flat footed. Your activity should be in the neighborhood of one thousand and you should mix in crossing the jump roper over, speed drills and alternating feet. This will add variety to your jumping rope and work your agility even harder.
  2. Speed Ladders: Used by soccer players, the speed ladder will work your foot skills and speed. The ladder is placed on the ground and the object is to quickly pace through the ladder without touching the rungs. Work forward and lateral movement and progress through the ladder as quickly as possible. Three minutes intervals of forward, backward. Left and right is a good start.
  3. Speed Bars: This is the same concept as the speed ladder with one exception. The bars are elevated off the gorund and require you to lift the leg higher to clear. Use the same three minute intervals working all directions. This is exceptional for agility as well as balance and in time will come naturally and the movement of the feet will be second nature.
  4. Lateral Movement – Kicks: you can use the speed ladder for this or simply in the gym. The concept here is to move through the progression of forward, backward, left and then right. Once you are at the end of the ladder then you will throw a kick. Front thrust when moving forward. Defensive kick when moving backwards and a roundhouse with the leg in which you are moving lateral.
  5. Scissors: This is another simple yet effective agility drill. With your legs shoulder width, jump up and cross them quickly and return them to shoulder width apart. You should do at lease one hundred scissors to start and progress to one thousand. You can also add kick to the end of each scissor. The kicks are up to you but try and fold in as much a variety as you can.
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