Kickboxing Shoes For Men

Kickboxing shoes for men are all about comfort and support. But lets be honest, they should look pretty cool too. Your level of kickboxing skill will determine the agility of the shoe and the type you need.

  1. The Fight Pro Martial Arts Training Shoe. This kickboxing shoe is made up of lightweight material and maintains comfort and flexibility. Due to its sneaker-like design, it provides support for the entire foot. Another great feature is its Rinstart R3 closed-cell foam padding. This padding is the reason for this shoe's capability to upkeep comfort.
  2. Men's Disciple Low Top Shoe. This kickboxing shoe is constructed of natural and soft, lightweight leather. It is fifteen percent lighter than other leather shoes and provides agility during kick boxing. Sometimes, leather shoes don't offer breathing room. However, this shoe's side panels are mesh and allow for maximum breathability during sparring. Another great feature is the no-slip lacing system. During a fight, the last thing any man wants is to get caught up on their laces.
  3. Comet Shoes. Not only is this kickboxing shoe lightweight, it also has a laceless design. These shoes are easy to take on and off. The pivot points on the sole of the shoe are great for flexibility and comfort. These shoes will cost a kick boxer in between $30 and $40. They aren't too expensive and are a great shoe for the price.
  4. Men's Jaewoo Mid Top Shoe. A great feature of this kickboxing shoe is its deep notches on the heel of the shoe which provides major flexibility. During kickboxing, keep a good grip on the mat is something important. This shoe helps with that issue with its thin layer of rubber reinforcement which is just forward of the instep. This shoe is known as being one of the most versatile kickboxing and mixed martial arts shoes on the market today.
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