Kid Cudi Lyrics About Women

Kid Cudi is a rapper whose love for women and life comes out in his lyrics. He is a rapper whose audience clings on to his every word because they are so relatable to their own lives. He has a knack for making his music and lyrics fun. Here is a list of the 3 best Kid Cudi lyrics about women.

  1. “She wanna have whatever she like. She can if she bring her friend. And we can have one hell of a night.” This is from Kid Cudi’s song “I Make Her Say”. This song gives a glimpse into Kid Cudi’s head as it examines his lust for life. He explains a fantasy that he has. It is the kind of lyricism that makes his fans hang onto his words. He speaks what many of his listeners think.
  2. “I ain’t going no where. Girl lets just lay and talk. Girl I know you feel it. This chemistry that we got.” These lines are from Kid Cudi’s song “Pillow Talk”. It speaks about the moment that he realizes he has feelings for a women and that they go good together. This song examines an intimate situation in a relationship the pillow talk that two lovers share. He delves into this situation and paints a good portrayal of a man in women in their 20’s.
  3. “She said she don’t know me anymore. I think she hates me deep down. I know she does. She wants to erase me.” This is from Kid Cudi’s song “Erase me”. It is a song about losing touch. It is the realization of a sour moment that you nor your lover really knows what happened to you guys. His thought of she wants to erase me is simply saying that she wants to forget that she was involved with me. Once again Cudi is reaching out and displaying his heart on his sleeve and making himself relatable to his listeners.


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