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Kid Rock songs evolved from rock songs you would hear at strip clubs into heartfelt country ballads. Lyrically, Kid Rock cleaned up his act over the years and stopped singing about partying and began writing lyrics about world events and emotions. In order to stay relevant and popular, a musician evolves as music trends change, even if it means leaving behind elements that once gained them popularity. You can tell he understands that concept because his once staple rap-rock vocals evolved into rock-country vocals.

  1. "Cowboy" In 1998, this Kid Rock song was released as the second single from his album, "Devil Without a Cause." The song is about Kid Rock heading out west to become a Hollywood cowboy. Usually, cowboys are known for herding cattle, purchasing land, and drinking by a campfire. Kid Rock's version of a cowboy buys yachts, starts an escort service, and drinks with celebrities. Kid Rock also states he rides all night because he sleeps all day, but he may not be singing about riding horses. Despite the mindless lyrics, this Kid Rock song has a great melody, and is fun to sing along to.
  2. "Picture" At the beginning of Kid Rock's career, his songs mixed rock, rap and country. In 2002, he fully leapt into the country genre with the song "Picture." Released on his album "Cocky," this duet was initially recorded with Sheryl Crow. When the big wigs at their record labels could not agree on terms for letting "Picture" be released as a single, Kid Rock re-recorded it with country artist Allison Moorer. Despite Kid Rock singing about crying over a girl's picture, he still manages to keep his edge with the song's overall theme being about a musician who drinks, does drugs, and cheats on his girlfriend.
  3. "Born Free" This 2010 Kid Rock song is straight singing vocals, with no rapping. Produced by Rick Rubin, a man known for creating hits, it was no surprise this safe, radio friendly song was the title track, and first single from his eighth album. The lyrics contain a slew of mushy synonyms, such as comparing how deep he is to the grandest canyon. Kid Rock definitely lost his bad boy edge in 2010 with not only this song, but the entire "Born Free" album. It was his first album to not have a parental advisory sticker attached to it.
  4. "All Summer Long" Kid Rock capitalized on the success of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" by releasing his own version. The song has the same musical arrangement and lyrical chorus from "Sweet Home Alabama," along with samples of "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon. No one seemed to care he relied on other musicians to create music because this Kid Rock song became a huge success in both the United States and United Kingdom. The song is from his fall 2007 album "Rock N Roll Jesus," and his record label wanted to release it as the lead single. Behind Kid Rock's long, dirty looking blonde hair, sunglasses, and carefree attitude is a savvy business man who knows the music industry. He convinced his label to release it in the summer, which paid off when his album sales went up after "All Summer Long" was released as a single in the summer of 2008.
  5. "Amen" Kid Rock partnered with The Fisk Jubilee Singers, a gospel choir to create the soulful song "Amen." This Kid Rock song is featured on his 2007 album, "Rock And Roll Jesus," and the gospel choir sings the chorus. He thought of the title while looking into the ocean, which caused him to create lyrics as deep as the waters. He wrote this song about the serious issues of world hunger, soldiers dying, and natural disasters. The music industry started to take him seriously again, and in 2009, he performed "Amen" at the coveted award show.
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