Kids Motocross Bikes

These kids motocross bikes are all designed to give kids a fun and exciting motocross experience. Whether the rider is just learning or looking for a better bike, these are all great choices. They each have numerous features to provide security and speed for kids to improve their skills.

  1. E-tour E-MX Motorcross Kids Electric Bike: This kids motocross bike is both affordable and efficient to give children a great motocross experience. This bike can go up to 12mph to let kids experience an elite motocross experience. Weighing only 51 pounds, kids can easily control this great bike.
  2. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike MX650: This bike can go up to 20 mph for an exciting ride in rough terrain. Ideal for those older than sixteen years old, this kids motocross bike has the power and agility to help kids improve their skills. Its the ideal bike if your looking for something safe and powerful that helps kids gain more control in motocross.
  3. Apollo 70 Mini Bike: This kids motocross bike helps kids transition away from electric-powered motocross bikes. With this 70cc engine, it gives kids more power without overwhelming them. It's a safe way to help kids transition away from beginner bikes into more elite and faster engine-powered kids motocross bikes.
  4. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike: This unique bike looks great while giving the rider an elite performance. A great way to introduce children to what motocross i really about, this powerful electric-operated bike is great to help kids learn to move better in different terrain. This is a great kids motocross bike that has every feature to protect and empower kids when racing.
  5. Apollo 125 Bike: This kids motocross bike may have a high price tag, but with its powerful 125cc 4-stroke engines, kids can experience truly elite and powerful motocross racing. Both speed and power are built into this exceptional bike. Kids can feel safe an prepared with this bike that will help them advance quickly in motocross.
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